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 Welcome To Wrightington Hospital Radio



Programme Title

About the programme

 midnight - 5 am


Listening through the Night

Easy Listening for those who can't sleep.

5 - 7 am 

 Mr D

Mr D's Hits and Memories

Mr D brings a selection of hits from yesteryear

7 - 9 am 


The Breakfast Show

Music to relax to while you have breakfast.

 9 - 10 am


Wigan Museum of Life

Veronika visits the Wigan Museum of Life, meets up with those who work there and takes on a tour.

10 - 11 am


The Morning Show

More music to relax and enjoy.

11 - 12 noon 

Kevin & Veronika

People At The Trust

A series of programmes interviewing people who work or volunteers at the Trust to find out about them and their job and how the Trust works. 

noon - 1 pm 


Light Lunch

A general music show to listen to while you have lunch

1 - 3 pm 

 Terry James

Terry's Afternoon Radio Show

Terry James presents a programme of his favourite music, with a few stories thrown in for good measure.

3 - 4 pm


Classical Moods with Margaret

A series of light classical music; easy to listen to and relax to.

4 - 5 pm 


Best of Brass

A whole hour of brass band music from the best bands in Britain.

5 - 6 pm 


The Vinyl Vaults

Diane brings a whole show of tracks from her own vinyl vaults.  Real vinyl music on a real record deck and all the information you need to know about those great tracks.

6 - 7 pm 

 Alan Robinson & Terry Diviney

Midweek Mayhem

A whole of music and mayhem with Alan and Terry

7 - 9 pm 

Diane & Brian Evans 

Girls Are Loud

Diane and Brian with some of the best music of the last 60 years and some of the best information.

9 - 10 pm 


The Late Show

A late night chance to listen to more great music from the comfort of your own chair or bed.

10 - 11 pm 

 Peter Grogan

The Best of British Classical Music

Peter bring a selection of the best of British Classical Music.  Perfect and gentle music to fall asleep to.

11 - midnight 


Listening Through The Night

Easy Listening for those who can't sleep.


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