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 Welcome To Wrightington Hospital Radio



Programme Title

About the Programme

 midnight - 5 am


Listening Through The Night

Easy Listening for those who can't sleep.

 5 - 7 am

Mr D 

Mr D's Hits and Memories

Mr D brings a selection of hits from yesteryear 

7 - 10 am 


The Breakfast Show

Music to relax to while you have breakfast.

 10 - 1 pm

Brian Croft 

Brian's Hits Through The Years

Brian Croft presents a selection of hits from through the years  and invites you to send him your requests.

 1 - 4 pm

 Chellie B

Back to the 80s with Chellie B

All the music from the 80s plus requests, chat and people to meet.

4 - 5 pm 


The Afternoon Show

Take the strain out of the afternoon and join us for more great music.

5 - 6 pm 


The Vinyl Vaults

Diane brings a whole show of tracks from her own vinyl vaults.  Real vinyl music on a real record deck and all the information you need to know about those great tracks.

 6 - 7 pm

Kevin & Veronika

Features programme

Veronika and Kevin get out and about to bring you shows which feature events around the area and highlight some of the organisations and people at work in the community.

 7 - 8 pm


Simon's Simply Music

 An hour with Simon as he chooses music for us all to enjoy.

8 - 10 pm 


Jeff Wayne's War of The Worlds

Jeff Wayne's musical retelling of H.G. Wells famous story War of The Worlds.  Atmospheric and a classic in musical history.

 10 - 11 pm

 Peter Grogan

The Best of British Classical Music

Peter bring a selection of the best of British Classical Music.  Perfect and gentle music to fall asleep to.

 11 - midnight


Listening Through The Night

Easy Listening for those who can't sleep.

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